TM-4DLI 4-Wire Isolated Transmitter

TM-4DPI 4-Wire Isolated Transmitter, Universal Input, 4-20mA or 0-10V Output

User Powered, DIN Rail Mounting

The TM-4DPI accepts one of several input signal types and generates one of four commonly required outputs: 4-20mA, 0-20mA, 0-10V, &plusm;10V.

The TM-4DPI is designed for applications that have an auxiliary supply to power the transmitter. It can be powered directly from a 24V DC source, or a mains connection (85–265V), making it one of the most flexible units on the market.

The TM-4DPI is also ideal for applications that are not possible with loop powered transmitters, providing outputs such as 0–10V DC, ±10V DC, and 0–20mA. USB programming is hassle free, and takes less than a minute using Define ToolBox.

  • 4-wire universal transmitter (DIN-mount, isolated)
  • Accepts DC or mains AC power
  • Current, voltage, thermocouple, RTD and potentiometer input
  • User powered
  • Current or voltage output
  • LED indicator for error notification
  • Potentiometer for fine offset adjustment of output

Easy USB programming using Define ToolBox

  • No power supply or calibrator required
  • Uses the universal USB Bridge Key (sold separately) for PC connection
Define ToolBox V1.6.4, 15-Dec-2016Easy USB programming using Define ToolBoxNo power supply or calibrator required Uses the universal USB Bridge Key (sold separately) for PC connection

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TM-4DLI 4-Wire Isolated Transmitter

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