Panmobil  Scanner RFID

Compact and High-Performance SCANNDY II combines state of the art technology in a compact and robust design with advanced AutoID functionality. The hybrid system with the capability of reading 1D and 2D Codes as well as reading and writing RFID Tags combined with the most common communication interfaces like USB, Bluetooth, WiFi or 433MHz ensures the usage in different applications like logistics and transportation, Asset-Tracking, Healthcare, E-Ticketing, Job-Costing and many others.

User friendly design
As with all products of PANMOBIL the user is the focus. The graphical OLED-Color- Display allows a specific user operation. For special data input requirements SCANNDY II offers two keypad layouts. Alpha / numeric with 19 keys or function orientated with 7 keys. The function for each key can be defined by programming.

Tailored for numerous logistics applications
Based on the ARM9 CPU with 400MHz and the Linux operating system the SCANNDY II can be adapted individually into existing applications. With the provided Universal Software the device function can be determined by an easy to use scripting language, without software development knowledge. For applications were complex data processing is required, the device can be individually programmed in C/C++ using the available SDK with lots of source code samples.

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Panmobil Scanner RFID

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